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a community dedicated to educating our youth and young at heart.

What is Banyantree?

Banyantree is a non- profit organization with the goal of promoting financial and computer literacy among young and old.

Why Banyantree?

The organization emulates the banyantree- strong branches supporting the main tree, new branches growing and coming to their own, whole being more than the single components combined -  you get the idea.


How can you help?

You can start your own educational blog, adding to the wealth of information provided - click here to request your blog;

You can spread the word about Banyantree;

Or you can:

  What is "Live Smart"? Educational Blogs:.
All the side branches - educational blogs - are there to support the main blog "Live Smart".
"Live Smart" is the main blog and mission for Banyantree existing."Live Smart" provides "real life" information that young people should have acquired in school. The emphasis is on providing the solid financial understanding young people need to survive in today's fast pace way of life, but we will touch on any area that is of interest.
Live Smart
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